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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Tattoo nightmares. They’re permanent and if you later regret it, it’s a lengthy and expensive process to get them fixed. Now imagine that mistake on your face. It happened to Cathy Ahern who had to endure a long and expensive journey to fix a botched eyebrow job. A quick online search reveals plenty of horror stories of permanent make-up gone wrong. Diane Makish has been doing permanent makeup for more than 10 years and she sees clients come in with big problems. “It’s got kind of a bad stigma attached to it,” Makish explained. Permanent cosmetics or cosmetic tattoos are colors tattooed into the skin, filling in your eyebrows, lips, or around your eyes, like eyeliner. “The whole point in doing permanent make-up is that it enhances facial features, it doesn’t take away from them,” Makish said. But she

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