Client Testimonials

Dear Diane,
Thank you so much for making my brow experience fun it was great ! wishing you tons of success.

– Love Maureen


Dear Diane,
Thank you for the kindness and courtesy you extended to my mother last week. They said you were lovely.

– Love Sue


Dear Diane,
I love my lips thank you so much I am so happy with the results see you soon!

– Thanks Dixie


Thank you Diane again for your grace and your gift, I would be happy to share my delight with any new clients who may also want a glowing transformation.

– Happily Gail


I am very fortunate to have discovered Diane Makish. My eyebrows and especially my lips have been drastically improved and are gorgeous!  Diane is beyond fantastic! during the procedure you will feel little to no discomfort.

– Dellie


Dear Diane,
I could not have found a better card, as always you have done a fabulous job on my subject, that which is me,  ha ha -seriously everything looks great!!

– Thank you Holly


thank you again for making my life so much better. The meds I’m taking, makes me sweat, my eyebrows would be off  before I left my house , now I know I look good all day,  even though I’m constantly wiping the sweat away. You have  made me a new person.

– Renee


Dear Diane,
my eyebrows look absolutely magnificent!  you are truly an artist I’m hoping to get eyeliner as a birthday gift thanks for your usual best.

– Love Angie


Dear Diane,
I’m so grateful you could fit me in your schedule I love my lips!  good luck with everything with heartfelt appreciation.

– Madeline