Physician Endorsements

– Dr. Felder






dr-BaumannDiane’s skill as a facial makeup and reconstruction artist enhances both my practice and the lives of her patients.

– Dr. Leslie Baumann

Internationally renowned board certified dermatologist and New York Times best selling author





diane-makish-Helene-FriedbergI first met Diane soon after she received her esthetician license in 2000 when she came on board at “the Skin care Center of the Americas” ,where I was medical director at the time. After seeing my work, Diane became very eager to learn the technique of Permanent Make-Up . A make-up artist herself since a young age, she felt she had what it took to excel in this field under good mentorship.

I started training her that year.

The innate artist in Diane was very quick to pick up and understand the subtleties of PMU. She was by far the best student I had had since 1994. She worked as my assistant until 2006 at which time she opened her own practice as About Face. Since practicing together, Diane has become an outstanding PMU artist with an excellent reputation among medical professionals. Over the last few years she has been heavily solicited by several leading plastic surgeons and dermatologists. I am proud to say that she is now accommodating all PMU patients at the world renown Baumann Cosmetic and research institute in Miami.

Now that I have retired, I feel blessed to be able to refer my loyal permanent make-up clientele to Diane, knowing that they are in wonderful hands!

– Helene Friedberg, M.D