MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) — Women love makeup because it makes them look younger and more radiant but imagine keeping that youthful look without having to reapply makeup every single day. It can happen thanks to permanent makeup.

It might sound scary but at The Bauman Cosmetic and Research Center on Miami Beach, cosmetic tattoo artist Diane Makish has applied permanent makeup to hundreds of happy patients for years.

“People who are getting later on in years are starting to see their lips shrink, they are prune like, their lips have lots symmetry”, explained Makish. “Permanent makeup just gives you perfect shape and the color is customized to clients needs”.

Monica Harris Broome came to see Makish for eyebrows.

“I didn’t have eyebrows. They were very blond and I had some hair loss at the outer edges which is a natural occurrence of aging”, explained Monica.

At first she had concerns. “I didn’t want to look like cartoon character”.

But after meeting with Makish, Monica went for it and has never looked back. In fact, after her getting her new brows, she received permanent eyeliner on her upper and lower lids.

She loves the results. “I am delighted to wake up in the morning and that part is all taken care of, it’s wonderful”, exclaimed Monica.

But not all permanent makeup stories have been positive. Makish has corrected the works of many local tattooists who had no previous experience with the procedure.

She says there are 3 components to being a great permanent makeup artist. “The first would be background makeup color theory”, she explained. “The second one would be learning to tattoo”. She added that learning to tattoo takes years of practice. “The third component would be working in a medical office where anesthesia is available”.

Having the patient completely numbed is imperative so the tattoo is applied with precision.

The cost of permanent makeup doesn’t come cheap. Lips and brows run around $800- $1,200 for the procedure. Eyeliner runs about $600.