Permanent cosmetics has many uses that many women are not aware of. The majority of women that undergo a permanent cosmetics procedure are looking for convenience and confidence. The comfort of knowing that your lips will look plush and pretty all day long. The feeling of not being behind a mask that you must put on and take off every day. Micropigmentation also serves the purpose of making scars and blemishes look natural and in some cases, made to disappear altogether.

Scar coverage is a popular choice for persons recovering from burns and accidents. With the proper pigments blended and a good technician, scars can be made to look as if they were never there. Blemishes due to age or illness can also be covered in a similar manner. However, it is important to note that permanent makeup can only cover, it won’t make blemishes go away.

The most common reason for people to undergo a procedure is for touching up eyeliner, brows and lips. It is not necessary to go full on and do a full lip, brow and eyes in an about to go to a glamorous party style makeup procedure. Many women will get their lips lined, which is very convenient for women who have difficulty keeping their lipstick applied evenly. With the outer lips lined already, putting on lipstick to blend in is a snap! Another popular procedure is for women who didn’t like their brows and decided to shave them altogether. With a brow procedure, a woman can choose the curvature of her brow and make it look exactly the way she always wanted.