Permanent Eyebrows

The procedure allows to fill in sparse eyebrows, reshape poorly arched or uneven brows, and give entirely new permanent eyebrows to anyone who has suffered eyebrow loss (from Alopecia, burns, electrolysis).  Furthermore, the procedure can drastically rejuvenate your appearance by creating a “non surgical brow lift.”

The proper placement of eyebrows will open up your eyes and can  actually change the appearance of the shape of your face.  When you are working on eyebrows that don’t  have a hairline, the eyebrows can be paced anywhere on the face. Making this a much more advanced eyebrow procedure. It is important that the eyebrows be placed properly in terms of symmetry  and that they are done with a 3 dimensional hair stoke technique  for them to appear natural.  It is also crucial that the permanent eyebrows be drawn on prior to tattooing to implement a stencil of the work to be done.